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Even an unlikely friendship that swiftly becomes something more. This is a quick, satisfying read for those longing for the nostalgia of a summer camp romance. By Carsen Taite. But her newfound zen crumbles when her biggest client, a chain of bridal stores, leaves hundreds of brides without dresses. By Suzie Clarke. Even if it means murder.

Rachel can finally focus on her attraction to her best friend Claire and the unexpected love they share. By Charlotte Greene. By Sandy Lowe.

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Love, lust, and doing the right thing, even when it hurts, turn the evening into one that will change their lives forever. Sarah Donovan just wants to have fun. After a failed relationship and a string of bad first dates leave her moping into her cosmo, a hot and steamy one-night stand with a perfect stranger is just what she needs to feel desirable again. When they meet again, the flame is hotter than ever, and temptation may be too much to resist.

Kaitlyn Forrester was a hopeless romantic until the love of her life walked out on her. Can she learn to forgive when her high school sweetheart returns to town looking to mend her broken heart? I do enjoy a good erotic short story, and I haven't come across many convincing lesbian ones before so this was a joy in itself. As a Bi woman, I enjoy both lesbian and hetero erotica, but this purely lesbian collection is different and very enjoyable. A great combination of smut with a hint of romance, with a selection of differently themed tales.

Reviewed by Bobbie Killip. Reviewed by Melina Bickard. Edited by Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor also known by her pen name Brey Willows , the stories are compiled under the theme of erotic lesbian travel. They depict a wide range of travel situations, destinations and seasons along with different sexual scenes for almost every taste. For me, these stories were the ones that better captured the sensuality of traveling with the joys of lesbian sex.

Young adult fiction is always relatable.

Overall, a very good collection under the theme of erotic lesbian travel. Reviewed by Gaby Maurino. She writes the hottest strap-on scenes in lesfic land. Esther sex on a house boat , Galapagos Dreams by N. Reviewed by Corrie Kuipers.

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This well put together anthology with contributions of 18 very strong riders was hard to put down. What I like best about these stories is the fact that they all had wonderful settings that set up the possibility of very hot sex. The stories also take place in various parts around the world which also made it interesting read. I would be hard-pressed to find one of the stories that I like better than any of the others however there was one phrase in one story that has stayed with me " ear deep in pussy", what a fabulous visual phrase.

I read this book in one setting because I could not put it down , now I hope to go back and read a story and night so that I can save for the delightful images that each story presented. This was the first year that a category for Romance was included by the LLF A bonus: fun use of exotic locales. Well done, brain-engaging romance Captain of Industry is subtle and engaging, a Kallmaker love story with the kind of angst to which we can probably all relate. Both characters are expertly drawn and easy to love. I appreciated that Kallmaker made one a wonderfully complex and relatable butch If you're looking for a great book with which to curl up, find Unforgettable.

A classic Kallmaker romance - Painted Moon is as steamy as readers like it to be. The story is a good one, the characters are realistic.

All That Matters by Susan X Meagher: Book Review

Great fun to read! Warm, fun and real characters. The intimacy is likewise real. The humor is my favorite part This winning combination gives us fantasy, romance and smut throughout Award for Lifetime Achievement comes from a group of dedicated readers in Arizona who every year name veteran writers and debut authors as Medalists and Lavender Award Steamy sex, family drama, and all the angst you could hope for with a main character falling for her straight best friend Kallmaker and Radclyffe come together to pen these hot short stories A perfect bedtime read!

The Dawning is one of those superb novels that are so easy to pick up - and so difficult to put down! A fascinating and totally believable roller coaster with unexpected complications and intriguing plot twists The kind of indestructible and talented woman we all dream we could be - much like Molly Bolt in Rubyfruit Jungle Really good story, well written with virtually no errors, excellent, interesting characters, all very human Forrest, Lee Lynch and Ellen Hart.

The Trailblazer Award is given to a lesbian writer for While every story is a little different, some overlap with the same apartment dwellers, lending continuity to the collection so it acts like a novel There's no doubt that Painted Moon will take you on an emotional roller coaster, but you will certainly enjoy the ride Beautifully sensitive. The best kind of romance.

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It has lesbians, just enough angst and a delightful wit and writing style It even haunted my dreams and I woke in the middle of the night to just keep reading it. I think Kallmaker put her own kind of spell on me A romance that reads like saga, is structured like a mystery, and is written with an ear for music The dialogue, particularly in conversations between Milla and Tyna, works so well, capturing the first blush of attraction Wonderfully written with believable and lovable characters, this is a terrific and moving lesbian novel Sugar is a literary snack as delectable as the fabulous desserts created by the Seattle chef Unforgettable is vintage lesbian romance, continuing Kallmaker's string of well-written, thoughtful stories about women surviving difficult times and coming into their own.

This had my dopamine, seratonin and oxytocin levels creeping higher and higher Karin Kallmaker continues to amaze me with yet another story told in a totally different fashion than most The dialogue is probably the best I have read by this author and she excels at snappy dialogue What a lovely story.

The emotions and powers at work raised the hair on the back of my neck at times! Full of suspense and mystery, deeply moving characters and storytelling The perfect book A cast of characters who buzz in and out of each other's lives and apartments in the course of one busy night They prevailed with good old fashioned lesbian camaraderie and intelligence It was as if she knew me, and created the character of Shay right out of my life The romance sparkles, the characters are enchanting The filmmaking details were fascinating to me The behind-the-scenes added to the story without getting in the way I expect a lot from Kallmaker and she delivered a good romance with interesting characters and a plot line that left me mulling it over for days The book's underlying message is one of lesbian empowerment Kallmaker's reign as "queen of lesbian romance" no doubt will continue An exciting story which might give the reader the courage to make whatever changes must be made in her life.

Look for this engrossing book! One of Karin Kallmaker's best and most engrossing books yet! The Distinguished Author program brings authors to the Library and Archives located in Fort Lauderdale, to standing room only audiences A gem of a read, a gift to all voracious readers from a splendidly gifted imagination The whole is a perfectly wrapped bundle of enjoyment for anyone who likes a good romance These stories are great as stand alone and as surprise returns of characters I had read before One of my favorite things to do after reading a Karin Kallmaker book is to jump over to my Frosting on the Cake Exquisite writing, extremely fiery sex, great characterisation despite the length and a totally enjoyable read Strong character portraits, interesting and informative plots, and engaging storytelling It wasn't that long ago I thought romance novels had nothing to offer a sophisticated reader.

I was wrong I enjoyed the dialogue as well as the minor characters in the story Painted Moon is a classic that could very well become the next Curious Wine Deep and layered with meaning. The result is an unexpectedly haunting tale told in image-drenched language that stays with you long after the story is over There is a warmth to the author's reading that works perfectly for this story Love can conquer anything, even time and always evil. That's the message of this book, which I could not put down The star of the show was Paris, I finished the book with a rather big crush on her.

She was quiet, sweet and a little butch with a big heart. Honestly, she was the whole delicious package The perfect read for a dark night, a cozy armchair and a warm fire in the fireplace A tale of romance, with just enough hot sex to keep it interesting Assemblyman Mark Leno commends, "your dedication to enriching our lives with your use of the written word, broadening LGBT awareness, and being an inspiration An upbeat romance that begins with a house fire that threatens a woman's livelihood A gift to all voracious readers from a splendidly gifted imagination A light, frothy story that is just possibly as light as the cakes made by the main character Karin Kallmaker One of the few books about a older woman with a younger woman.

Both sensitive and serious as well as filled with humor She tells stories that can be read over and over again with characters that linger in your thoughts But where the author really shines is what she does for love Substitute for Love may just be the best Kallmaker I've read in a long time, and given her extraordinary talent, that's saying something