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In recognition of his work as lexicographer and translator, the University of Glasgow conferred its D. Soon after arriving in China, Morrison proposed establishing a base on Prince of Wales Island later known as Penang, off the west coast of Malay Peninsula for training missionaries in Asia. He envisaged a triennial missionary conference.


Together they completed the translation of the entire bible in That year he married Eliza Armstrong. In the Morrisons returned to Canton, where Robert died eight years later. He regarded his translation of the Bible as only a first step, a work that would be superseded by others in the future. His magnum opus was his three-volume Chinese-English dictionary In addition, he wrote a Chinese grammar and several treatises on language. He translated hymns and a prayer book into Chinese and wrote various tracts and articles.

Wilbert R. Gerald H. All rights reserved. Morrison, Robert. Chinese Miscellany. London: S.

McDowall, A Dictionary of the Chinese Language , vol 2. Shanghae: London Mission Press, A Grammar of the Chinese Language. Serampore: Mission Press, Morrison, Eliza. Memoirs of the Life and Labours of Robert Morrison , 2 vols. This will work the same way on your credit. They only report to one agency.

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So in 45 days when it shows up, you send out two faxes and get it reported across the board : Its a pain, but hey, its your future! Dont let interest rise on your credit cards. While Im rebuilding credit, I don't even act like my cards are an option for spending. Once the results come in for the "big" debt items then you'll know more. Make a payment plan for the ones you do have, if you can't pay the entire thing off up front.

If you can do that, you have more negotiating power. That's where you start negotiating. This is hard, bit hammer at it. They may say "We have to report honestly" and you respond, "Yes thats why Im asking you to just say Paid, instead of Paid in Full" : and you got em! I hope this helps : and please read the entire law I've attached if your doing this on your own. Can anyone actually answer the OP question? He did not ask when an account should fall off your account or how long it takes. He was very specific and stated that within your credit report, it would specify the exact time, so you had to do no math.

Now, it does not show that, so you have to figure out on your own when the last dade of delinquncy was?

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All of you keep saying jsut check the last date of delinquncy then do the math, but what the poster is asking is where do you find THAT information. Where on the credit report does it tell you the last dade of delinquenct. Because on mine it only says the date that the collections agency opened the account, not the original date from the original creditor. How do you find out the original date.

That is the question, not how long does it stay on your report or how can I get it off.

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Can anyone answer the original question? Logicalthinker's response was:. I recommend you take a hard look at when the accounts are scheduled to come off the report. If you go to your free annual report - annualcreditreport. You would need to do this for all 3 CBs. Credit Karma is not the originator of this information - It is Transunion, so you may wantr to start with this CB. If so, read on:. If the account s is scheduled to come off in 1 or 2 years or what you think would be the magic , then i would not contact them and set up a payment plan or even pay it off.

Reason: This is considered an event that could start the reporting clock all over again. So instead of the account coming off in 1 or 2 years, you've just re-set it to 7 years time bad stuff gets reported to CBs. Also, there is a statute of limitations that a debt collector can sue you for the debt. Some states are 3, 6, 7 years. That doesn't mean they can't try, just that they legally cannot sue you. Check it our by state:. Reply by mbacan. Im here for the same reason as the original unanswered queation.

One day credit karma showed me that a few collects were about to fall off my report. Since then I have been unable to find any credit karma tab or page that shows when things will fall off or even if there are things that will fall off soon. Was it a one time helpful message at the time of it happening? Was it a previously but no longer offered service?

Or is there a place on credit karma with this information still? Reply by crimsonknight Just watch the reported dates from your closed accounts. It's the same with old inquiries, once they "fall off", they aren't stored anywhere to review they are just completely gone. I hope that helps! Reply by SigGirl.

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You are correct! The process does not restart simply by contacting the person you owe money,. Reply by lowlowfico. What if there is a judgment against me for the account? My husband has collection from on his report..

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Can they still be reporting on a depth that old? And what exactly does a closed account mean? Are they still reporting on closed accounts and would it do any good to set up payment plans on closed accounts? I have a question about the original date of a default on a credit card.

My debt was bought by a debt company and I don't believe their original date is correct. Reply by c2ccreditadvisory. You can dispute any information that is untrue, incorrect or derogatory. You can dispute online to any major credit bureau. In most cases, if questioned you would need to prove that your information is valid and correct.

Try calling a consumer law attorney to help with the dispute.